About Me

43-year-old Lee Powell has an intimate knowledge of the property markets in the United Kingdom, especially the Midlands. He was trained by progressive property experts and successfully transitioned from the kitchen industry into full-time property investments. With property refurbishment experience that spans more than 15 years, he is uniquely positioned to deliver your property purchase, refurbishment and management on time and on budget. He has first-hand experience on how property investments can change lives and has intricate knowledge of property highs and lows, and how to manipulate any situation to deliver a great ROI.

In 2006, he was involved in an unfortunate motorcycle accident which broke his femur. Following serious surgical procedures to heal his leg, he returned to work after only 8 weeks, and could not handle the manual work that his work position demanded. He had to deal with unpaid bills and delayed mortgage payments; it was a very dark time in his life.
Lee Powell understands the highs and lows of life, and just how desperate situations can snowball into huge debts. Crucial and fast action has to be done to alleviate the situation, which he did quite well.

A close friend helped him out by purchasing his business, giving him liquid funds to pay off his debts and leave some for further investments. The quick, initial deposit paid the bills as he waited for the sale to go through and he could invest the balance.

He understands how tough such times can be, and he has devoted himself to helping people who are in dire straits like he once was. He helps clients in such circumstances by giving them the opportunity to sell their houses fast and get access to crucial funds to meet their needs.

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Do you need urgent funds from the sale of your home?

Lee Powell has a first-hand experience on how desperate times can weigh you down, after having undergone a huge debt after a serious accident that left him unable to retain his position at work. Lee Powell has dedicated his life to helping people in desperate circumstances gain access to crucial funds from the quick sale of their houses. You get an initial deposit for the most urgent needs, and get the balance after the sale goes through so you can invest it once again, and get back on your feet.