Move or Emigrate with Ease when it Comes to Selling your Home

Moving to a new country or city can be a stressful process, when you have to sell assets such as your home in order to buy a new one. Most people hesitate to sell their house because of the time-consuming a hassling process involved. What if you could sell your house quickly and relocate with no financial constraint?

My Deal Done offers you an excellent choice when it comes to selling your house quickly. In this article, you will see how easy it ease and why you should consider selling your home through us.

How do you sell your house quickly?

Found your new dream job elsewhere or simply looking for a new place to settle down? No matter what your reason for moving is, the main question on your mid will be how to sell your house quickly and not lose value on the market rate.

There are various options available to you. You can go through the conventional way and list your house for sale on property selling sites, auction it or go through an estate agent.

The other alternative is to sell your house for ready cash with My Deal Done. We give you an efficient and transparent avenue through which you can sell your house stress-free.

When you contact us and we agree to buy the house, you get your cash within 7 days from initial contact. You do not have to worry about legal and other conveyance fees. We do all that on your behalf. You avoid the hassle of arranging for viewing, visiting agents or solicitors and other complications that come with selling your house.

Some of the challenges that you avoid with My Deal Done

Of course, this may be a new concept to you, but take a look at what you avoid when you sell your house through My Deal Done

Getting the house ready for sale

Traditionally, there are costs associated with selling your house, which you avoid when selling through My Deal Done. These include preparing your house for sale.

You will have to clean up the house and make renovations so that it is in a sellable condition. This involves de-cluttering the home so it seems spacious and inviting to prospective buyers.

You also have to repaint the house, and make necessary repairs to every nook and cranny of the house. This means cleaning windows, repairing leaking pipes, removing damp areas, replacing faulty wirings, and so much more.

All this costs money, which you will not have to spend when you sell your home through us.

Fees associated with selling the house

If you go through traditional house selling channels, you will have to pay fees on the sale of the home. The new location of your home will affect the rate of fees that you have to pay. Will your mortgage be affected? Will you have to pay Capital Gains Tax on your home? All these are legal fees that you do not have to worry about when selling your home through My Deal Done.

Selling through an estate agent will attract a commission of about 1% to 3% and selling through an auction house will set you back by 2% to 3% of the final selling price.

When you sell your house through My Deal Done, you do not have to worry about fees and commissions.

In conclusion

At My deal Done, we understand that relocating is a tough undertaking in itself. We do not want to add to the stress by making it tough to sell your house quickly. We are ready to give you cash on your home on an as-is basis, and you can relocate with no further hassle.
Call us now and get to know how you can sell your house quickly when you are relocating.

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