Low-Cost and Speedy Property Sales

Traditional methods of selling a house were always elongated, costly and stressful processes. Whether selling through a real estate agent or auction house, the fees and commissions usually meant that sellers lost a lot of the value of their home, when they got the final check for their homes.

Today, My Deal Done offers you an avenue through which you can sell your house quickly and not have to go through the stress of involving many people and paying huge amounts of money as fees and commissions.

Here is how we go about it.

Valuation and Offer

The first step we make is come to your home and value it on an as-is basis. This means that you don’t have to pay for renovation in order to get fast cash from your home.

Secondly, we do not charge you for this valuation. Most estate agents will engage the services of a property surveyor and they will charge you a fee, eve when you don’t accept their offer. This means losing money when you are already cash-strapped, for a valuation and offer that you may not accept.

Our offer is based on the condition of the home. There is no need to spruce up your home so we can make an offer. Our experts will go through the valuation process, explaining everything to you and give you the chance to make a decision to sell from an informed point of view.

Fees and Commissions

Our initial offer will be based on the value that we arrive at. We give you a prescribed amount and then pay the balance once we have gone through the full buying process.

You do not have to worry about the mortgage, loans and other costs. We undertake to pay for these on your behalf. We take this risk away from you so you can get access to cash to meet your urgent needs.

This means that you get the most value for your home, when you sell it to My Deal Done, rather than go through an auction house or real estate agent.

Advertising is quite costly and takes a huge chunk from your sale proceeds in the end. With My Deal Done, you do not have to advertise your property. Simply fill out a contact form, and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Conveyance costs can also add up to a huge amount when selling your home through traditional channels. In our case, the fees for conveyance is covered through our dealings with our solicitors. You do not have to worry about such legal fees, land registry searches, etc.

Speedy conclusion of the transaction

They say that time is money, and the longer you have to wait for your money, the more you suffering your emergency situation. If you are supposed to pay bills that have interest rates pegged on them and you take 3 months to sell your house through traditional means, then you pay higher costs in terms of interest.

With My Deal Done, you do not have to worry about such punitive fees. We give you the cash to meet your bills so you can comfortably wait for the balance when the sale is finalized.

In conclusion

You do not have to pay huge fees, commissions and other costs when it comes to selling your house fast. My Deal Done is structured such that you do not suffer mentally or financially when selling your house. We understand that this is a huge investment and ensure that you get true value when you are selling it.
Contact us now and we will get the process started right away!

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