Hey Look! You can now get cash upfront when selling your home

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. From my experience, after going through a motor cycle accidents, a tragedy can quickly turn events in your life, and you may need access to fast cash to cope with the situation.

At My Deal Done, we understand exactly how devastating such events can be, and are ready to offer fast cash up-front, when you decide to sell your house to meet financial obligations.

Here is what we can guarantee

Receive cash in hours after contacting us

When you contact s with the desire to sell your house fast, we listen to what you truly need and give you a very competitive offer on the house. This is done within the same day since we know that the funds are needed urgently.

We have highly trained experts in the property selling industry and we make an offer immediately after viewing and valuing the home, on an as-is basis.

Once the contract for sale has been entered, we offer you interest-free cash upfront on the sale of the house, and the rest after the whole process has been finalized. We know that you are cash-strapped and do not burden you with hidden fees. You get the best offer when you sell your home through us.

What is the speed at which you get your funds?

Our experience and expert knowledge of the property markets allows us to quickly value your home and make an initial offer within 48 hours. Our team will come to your home, carry out an inspection and research the going property rates in your locality. We then come back to you with a sale contract for signing within 48 hours. Once you sign, we give you a check on the agreed amount.

Here is what we can assure you:
Our selling process does not involve a chain of other parties who will eat into the value of your home through unnecessary fees and commissions.

You get ready cash for your property, which you can immediately use to meet your needs.

The sale of your house is undertaken to ensure that the process is finalized as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

You get exactly what we offer and do not have any hidden fees.

We allow you to go through our terms before you sign the contract. No fees, No Commissions.

The offer we make comes with no obligations on your part. If you feel that you don’t want to proceed with the sale, we will not contact you to press you to make the sale.

We use solicitors who are respected in the field when conducting the sale. Do not worry, we shall pay the fees on your behalf.

When we give you a cash advance, we then pay the balance when the mortgage is paid off.

We give you the genuine price based on property market rates. This means that you retain up to 85% of the market value of your home. You will quickly spring to a strong financial position and take care of the emergency that you may be facing.

How do you go about the process?

  • At My Deal Done, we ensure that you are fully aware of all that is required when you are making a “Quick Sale”. We are ready to answer all your questions and make sure that you get the best value for your home.
  • Contact us at My Deal Done
  • We will visit your home, make an initial value and then get back to you with a final offer.
  • We let you make the decision whether to accept our offer or not. No pressure is exerted by our team.
  • We then contact our solicitors, who ensure that there is no repossession on the home and you can legally sell it to us at the price that is on offer.
  • If you have any mortgage or loans that are guaranteed by the house, we will pay these on your behalf and give you the final balance thereafter.

In conclusion

I have been where you are at this very moment. I had suffered a financial setback which was offset when a friend bought out my business. I am optimally placed to value your home and make you an offer that many others will not. Contact me now and get the best rate for your home and access funds fast when selling your home.

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